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Since the beginning of April I am eating very healthy. Not that I didn’t eat healthy before. Believe me, I have been putting flaxseeds in my oatmeal for ages and always ate lots of fruit and veggies. The thing is beside that I love yummy, but bad, food as well.

At my mom we always have ‘‘bad’’ things in the house. Since I am living with my dad this month I do not have those temptations there. We just don’t have any cookies or other yummy things around, so I had to find my own yummy, healthy treats to keep me satisfied.

I have been obsessed with porridge for a while know. I just love it and it keeps me satisfied for such a long time. I will put recipes up of dishes I just absolutely love. But if you can’t wait that long: here are the things I love to eat to keep myself healthy and satisfied.

Rice crackers with hummus
OMG, this is heaven! I love hummus so, so much and the rice crackers are light and low in calories. Amazing lunch or just a healthy snack!

Whole wheat crackers with avocado and a sprinkle of salt and pepper
I love avocado’s; no joke. I eat A LOT of avocado. I just think they are very yummy and they are good for the skin!

Porridge with fresh strawberries
This awesome breakfast or lunch is so filling and super yummy. The strawberries give it a sweet taste and it makes you feel satisfied for such a long time!

Just a nice and healthy snack. They are so sweet and yummy. Also great to make healthy, coconut balls!

All these foods have resulted in amazing skin! I also drink lots of water and green tea! The perfect combination for good skin!
I will definitely keep up my healthy eating habits. In the weekends I allow myself to eat a few unhealthy things, which is okay in my opinion. As a human you just need to indulge yourself with some yummy treats from time to time!

What are your favourite, healthy foods?

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