Monday, November 18, 2013

My Life | What's on my Wishlist?

As a shopping addict I always love to buy things. Since I have an interest in beauty and fashion a lot my money goes to those products. I can not get enough of flawless concealers, moisturising masks and lovely shoes. But at a point in the month I come to the end of my budget, but my wishlist grows and grows. Every month I keep adding more and more products to it. But I am trying to make the list smaller with saving for particular products. Since some of them are pretty expensive. Here are the products that are currently on there.

River Island- Grey Ombre  Mongolian Fur Tote Bag €200


I saw this one in a video of Lily Melrose. I instantly fell in love with it. The bag looks so soft and I just want to stroke it 24/7. I have not seen this bag in the River Island in Amsterdam. But I just know that it will be the best thing ever.

Vagabond- Grace Leather Boots €99,95


Lately I see Vagabond boots a lot. I never heard of the brand Vagabond, until I saw them appear in a haul video of The Persian Babe. These boots are really classic and go with everything. I know I will wear them a lot. The heel on the boot is not to high so they are great for everyday wear. They will last me a long time.

Topshop- Joni Jeans in Aubergine €46,00


I have the black Joni jeans. Honestly I do not really like them. At first I thought they were the best jeans ever. They are very high waisted which I love and they just fitted me perfectly. After two days of wearing them they already got a bit baggy. When I got home from London, where I bought them, little white elastics came out of them. The colour has faded as well, and that after two washes. 
But since everyone in the reviews is saying it is just the fabric of the black Joni jeans, I am willing to give this pair a try. The aubergine colour is just to pretty and I love the high waisted fit of these jeans.

Topshop- Chelsea Boots €59,00


The Chelsea boot is such a classic and stylish boot. They are very 'Dutch proof' as well. Since they can stand the rain and the cold. They match with pretty much everything. Just a staple piece that is missing in my wardrobe.

Jose Eber - Curling iron 


Curly hair is just not really for me. I love it though, but my hair is not made for it. When I curl my hair it is flat within an hour, so I just gave up hope for pretty long lasting curls. 
I had never heard of this brand before. But me and my friend got a demonstration of it when we were in a department store back in April. A man that worked there curled my hair. I had nothing in my hair no mouse, hairspray etc. He also didn't use any. He claimed that it would last three days, since my hair doesn't even last an hour I did not really believed that. 
That night me and my friend went to a concert of Beyonce. Luckily my curls survived the concert. The next day I still had curls. Not as pretty as the day before but they were still there. The third day my hair was wavy. Most of the curls had disappeared.
The fact that it holds my curls for two days, without any hair products, proves to me that it is the perfect curling iron for me!

Clarisonic - Mia 2 €149


I am a bit of a skincare junkie. So of course the Clarisonic is on this list. I am really curious to find out for myself if my skin changes while using this product. Everyone says that it made there skin clearer and there pores smaller. Also the fact that it really cleanses your face makes me want to try it.

Michael Todd - Avocado and Mango Mask and Charcoal Mask (both 34 dollar each, which is currently €25,19)



I saw those two in a lot of videos. Everyone seems to rave about them. Since I love avocado and mango, that mask will become one of my favourite masks to use. 
I want to try out the Charcoal Mask as well. They say that it really cleanses your skin and makes it very clear. I can not wait to try them out!

So this is my wishlist for now. I probably will be adding a lot more to it. Since I am always looking for new beauty and fashion bits.

What is on your wishlist?

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