Saturday, October 15, 2016

Freedom Pro Highlight Palette

Even though summer is slowly transitioning into autumn I still can't say goodbye to that lovely bronzy glow. Glowy make-up in general in one of my faves and it's safe to say I have to way too many highlighters to prove that. But ya know, a girl can never have enough glowy products in her stash, there is always room for more!

My eyes lay on this Freedom Pro Highlight Palette for a while and with the thought of ''I actually don't have any cream highlighters or a highlighter palette for that matter'' I made the purchase. And I think it's quite a good deal because for £6.00 you get 8 highlighters (!), 6 cream highlighters and two baked highlighters.
Not all the highlighters in the palette are suitable for me though. With my skin, even paler than Snow White, I can't pull off a dark bronze highlight on the cheeks. It would not make me look like I have been on a long holiday to the Maldives, but straight up makes me look like an Oompa Loompa and that's not really the look I was going for, I think.

The pale creamy highlighters on the other hand are really fab. They give a nice wonderful glow to the skin and blend very nicely. I like to use my hands, since that works best for me. I place it on the top of my cheekbones, on the tip of my nose and on the cupids bow for an all over glowy sheen. However the powders are my absolute fave. They are very easy to work with and add an amazing glow. All the products, creams and powders, are highly pigmented and just look so fab on the skin, besides the bronzy colours of course. 

I am really amazed by the quality of this pro highlight palette. I had never tried anything from Freedom before, but it's safe to say I will have a look at their counter to pick up more goodies. Bye bye money, hello gorgeous highlighters, eyeshadows and contour palettes!

What is your favourite product from Freedom?


  1. I've never used any of their products but the colors are so great.

  2. I never used their products, but I would like to try this palette thou, it looks amazing!

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

  3. This is my first time hearing this product, love the shades <3

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  4. Love the shades!


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