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Favourites | October 2013

Beauty Favourites

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips: Custom Eye in Nude

I always go for a nude eye, but since it is fall I wanted to go for a more dark smokey eye. The darker colours in this pallet are really good for that. The pigmentation is not amazing, but you can build it up very easily. Unfortunately it got smashed when I was travelling to London, but I can still use it. It had a good wide range of colours, so everyone can use it.

Sleek Face Form in Light

I absolutely have been loving this product in October. I think it is so handy that you have a contour powder, a highlighter and a blush in one kit. I have other bronzers that I use for contouring, but they always look a bit orange on me. This one however leaves a perfect contoured face. The highlighter is beautiful as well. It gives me a nice glow. The blush itself is beautiful. it reminds me a lot of Nars Orgasm. When I need to go away I always bring this product with me. Now I just need one product instead of three.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Nude Delight
I was looking for a new nude in my life and I found it! I saw this in a couple of YouTube videos and decided to buy it. It is a beautiful colour. It really moisturises my lips and it goes with everything.

Riri for MAC Lipstick in Riri Woo

I knew that when the Rihanna for MAC Collection came out I had to have at least something. Everything looked so pretty. I had my eyes on the lipstick Talk that Talk, a gorgeous dark purple lipstick. Unfortunately it was sold out everywhere. The lipstick Riri Woo was also hard to find, but I managed to get my hands on it. The colour is beautiful. It is really pigmented. Because it is a matte lipstick, the lasting power is amazing. It can be a bit drying though, but with some lipbalm you should cover that problem.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant

I have had this one for ages. I have used it for a while, but went back to my all-time favourite Purol. It is a Dutch product, so I don't think you can get it everywhere. But this is a good dupe for it. Or maybe the Purol is a good dupe, because it is like €3 when the Eight Hour Cream products are way more expensive. But I decided to use this product again, because my Purol ran out. And as a lipbalm junkie that I am, I decided to use up some products before I started buying new ones. 
It moisturises my lips very well. It is a great product although I have one con and that is the packaging. You have to be really careful with opening and closing the lid. I have another one of these and I can't open it anymore because the lid is stuck. So beware!

Syoss Volume Dry Shampoo 

I love the textured hair trend that is going on right now. I would love to use the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray, but since it is really expensive and I have to order it from the UK I decided to find one that was cheap and a little bit closer to home.
This one is really good, I try not to wash my hair everyday anymore. I know that it is bad but I just love the feeling of freshly washed hair. This one comes in really handy in the second day when my  hair starts to get a little bit greasy. It is great for adding more volume. I absolutely love this product!

Face Brush

I bought this product probably about two years ago. I wanted a Clarisonic, but since it is expensive I wanted to try out a cheaper version. I used it to much I think, because my skin got red and irritated. Since then I have never used it. But last month I decided to use it just at night and very gentle. I have to say, this product is amazing! My skin feels so soft and clean. I cannot believe I stopped using it after one bad experience. I you want the Clarisonic but you're not sure yet, just try out this ''dupe''.

Non beauty


Little Mix - Move

This song is so catchy and it's been on repeat for about three weeks right know. I can't wait to hear there new album!

Ariana Grande - Yours Truly Album

I love every song on this album. I still have some favourites though. I love Honeymoon Avenue, Right There, Lovin' it and Piano. I think she has an amazing voice. It is also really exciting that she will be backstage at the MTV EMA'S in Amsterdam. Unfortunately I didn't get tickets, so I will watch the show in front of the tv. :(

TV Shows:


I was a huge Glee addict, but when season four came I suddenly did not watch it anymore. You had to wait like a month for a new episode and I just stopped watching it. At the beginning of October I really wanted to get into it again. I love the fact that Demi Lovato is in Glee and I really wanted to see the tribute episode to Cory. I loved every episode and I will be catching up with every episode from now on.

PLL/ Ravenswood

How amazing was the Halloween episode right. I was like OMG all the time. I won't spoil a thing so you have to watch it for yourself. Now we have to wait till January for a new PLL, but we still have an episode of Ravenswood every week. I really like the show. It is a bit creepy and scary sometimes, at least for me, but I find everything scary. I do find that the storyline of Caleb is sort of created for the show. I don't know but why would he stay with Miranda? He just met her on the bus, isn't that weird. Well we see how the show develops.

What are your October favourites?

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