Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review | Pixi Glow Tonic

So after I saw this on Lily Pebbles' channel I really wanted to try it. Caroline Hirons talked about this on her blog and everyone went crazy for this product. So did I. I was afraid that it would be sold out in the store, but luckily they had a lot of bottles left.

The Glow Tonic is oil-free an alcohol-free. I has a lot of aloe vera and witchhazel in it. This tones and firms the skin and makes it look amazing. It also exfoliates your skin. I bought it for 16 pounds (250 ml) at the Pixi store in Carnaby Street, London.

I was afraid that it would irritate my skin, but it didn't. I use two to three pumps on a cotton pad at night, before I apply my Hydraluron and my moisturiser. I really like this as a toner. It removes the cleanser and make-up that is still left on my face. It exfoliates my skin. It just feels amazing!
I hoped that it would give me healthy glowy skin. I definitely see more of a glow on my skin. My acne scars are also less visible which is always nice.

I will definitely stock up on these when I get back to London. Because you can only buy it at there store in Carnaby Street.

What is you favourite toner?

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