Sunday, October 13, 2013

Review | Estée Lauder Illuminating Powder Gelée Blush in Tease

So if you have red some articles on my blog you know that I am really sensitive for hypes. Whenever there is a hype going on I want to try it. Bioderma, I have it. La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, I have it. Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer, I have it. And this list goes one and one. I know that I am probably not the only one who has this problem. Hahaha.
That's sort of how I bought this product. I watch YouTube videos a lot and that's how I found out about this product.

Estée Lauder came out with her S/S line and it also had a beautiful illuminating blush. I saw the blush being used in a lot of tutorials on YouTube and it made me also want to get it. When I went to the store it was already sold out, this was in May. In June I went to another store in my town and it was also sold out. I sort of gave up the hope to find it. Then a miracle happened. I went shopping with my mom a couple of weeks ago. We went to a drugstore that also had a small luxury beauty department. They had Estée Lauder, so I looked at the counter and they still had it on the display. I asked if they still had one. She looked it up and pulled THE blush out. I was so happy and overjoyed. (*cough cough* beauty addict). It was €48, which is a bit expensive for a blush, but it is totally worth it.

The blush is beautiful. It is a very light pink with lots of shimmer in it. I love glowy skin, so this is perfect to accomplish that look.
The packaging is amazing. Just what you expect from a luxury brand.
All with all I am very happy that I found it. It is a perfect light pink colour. I think I will wear this blush a lot. It is very subtle. You can apply it very lightly for a nice sheen or you can apply more for a very shimmery pink look.

Which blush do you love for fall?

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