Thursday, September 26, 2013

Haul | My new Red Lipsticks from CoverGirl

Almost six months ago one of my friends brought some beauty products with her from America. I asked her to bring a couple of things, because we can't get everything here. Like Bath and Bodyworks, Physicians Formula and CoverGirl. From the last brand I wanted some lipsticks.

I really like the music from Taylor Swift and also her red lip look. She is known to wear the CoverGirl lipsticks, so I started to search on the internet which colour she wears. I came across a lot of names, but Hot and Flame seemed to be the lipsticks that she actually wears. Then I also red that she mixed Red with Burn. So I also picked that one.

I thought that three red lipsticks were a little bit to much. You can only wear one right? 
So after a lot of thinking I still decided to take all three of them. Because when can I buy them? I am not planning a trip to America soon, and I also really wanted the lipsticks because Taylor wears them.

So that was that and my friend actually managed to buy al three of them:

Flame, Hot and Burn

I absolutely love those colours. I am a red lipstick kind of girl so I can never have enough red lipsticks. I love Flame and Hot. Flame is more a soft red and Hot is a bright red. Burn is my least favourite of the three. It is more a red/brown colour, and it has glitter in it. I wouldn't wear that one as much as Flame and Burn.

Flame, Hot and Burn

 Flame, Hot and Burn

The pigmentation and lasting power of these lipsticks is amazing. You still see some red stripes on my hand of the swatches. Haha. I definitely recommend these ones. The colours are amazing, The pigmentation is good and they last forever on the lips.

What is your favorite red lipstick?

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