Sunday, September 22, 2013

Things that I love | TV SHOWS

I love TV Shows. I have no idea why but I watch a lot of them. I just love it!

Here are some of my favourites:

Pretty Little Liars - ABC Family

I have been addicted to this show since I started watching it. You probably already know the story. But it is about five girls who were best friends until there friend Allison disappears  After a year she is found death and the girls get messages from someone called 'A' who wants to out all there secrets. (And believe me they have a lot of secrets!)

It is now in it's fourth season and things are a lot more complicated than they were in the beginning of the show. The finale was soooo shocking!! I won't give any spoilers, just promise that you are going to watch it!

Twisted - ABC Family

Twisted is a new series and I absolutely love it! It is about a 16-year-old boy called Danny (played by Avan Jogia) who murdered his aunt when he was eleven. After five years in juvenile detention he returns to his hometown, where a lot has changed. When one of his classmates gets murdered he wants to clear his name which isn't easy because of his history.

I think this show is really good. I really want to know why Danny killed his aunt and who killed Regina (his killed classmate) I do believe he didn't kill here but of course you never know. 

The Fosters - ABC Family

The Fosters is about Lena and Stef, a lesbian couple who are raising Stef's biological son along with adopted twins Jesus and Marianna. Lena desides to take in Callie, a foster kid who had a lot of struggles in her life. This turns the family upside down.

I like that this show is real. It shows the 'real world' is some kind of way. The problems that this family goes threw are very true to life. I think this show is worth watching and when you do you will get addicted, I just know it! Haha

The Lying Game - ABC Family

Unfortunately this show is discontinued :(.
But I still think it is worth watching, or not because you will never get your answers which is really frustrating.

The series is about Emma a kind foster-kid who finds out that she has a twin: Sutton. Sutton is adopted by wealthy parents and has everything she wants. Sutton wants Emma to take her place while Sutton will go and look for there birth mother. When she doesn't show up at there meet-up, Emma has to make the decision to come clean about who she is and risk her own safety.

I loved this show, so I am so sad that The Lying Game isn't coming back next season. Now I will never get my answers. Especially in the end of season two the storyline was so good.

I will do another post about TV Shows, since this isn't all. :P

Photo's: ABC Family

What TV Shows do you watch?

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