Saturday, October 6, 2012

Steamcream Review

I do not even know how I found out about this brand. I probably just saw it on a site and was curious because of the name. This directed me to the site of Steamcream and I just bought a jar. It took about a week to arrive but when it finally did I was really excited!

Steamcream is created by Andrew Gerrie, a CEO from Lush.
He wanted good and natural skincare for a good price and created Steamcream.
It is made with high quality, natural ingredients and a shot of hot steam (that's why it's called Steamcream). It is handmade in the UK and Japan and you can use it on your face, body and hands.

It is made with orange flower water, oatmeal and vegetable glycerine to hydrate your skin. And also almond and jojoba oils and moisturising cocoa butter, which softens the skin’s surface.

The cream comes in a jar and the nicest part of that is you can pick your own design of the jar! I chose the design Koku which I think is really cute and floral.

My experience

I really liked the packaging it came in, the fact that you can pick your own jar is awesome! So that is definitely a plus!
When I opened it and smelled the cream, it smelled like a product Lush would sell, it has that typical Lush scent (which isn't a bad thing). The smell also reminded me of Lushes' Dream Cream.
When I put it on my hand I noticed that it was really moisturizing, but that it probably would not work for my face because it is to heavy and I could get break-outs from it.

I tried it on my body and hands which worked great for me! It moisturizes really well, the smell is nice (you might need to get used to it, but if you like Lush products you would really like this).
I tried it once on my face but after one use I could already see that this isn't a great use for my face. I got break-outs and my skin was a little bit irritated.
It did really moisturise my face, but it just isn't for combination/oily skin types. So when you have really dry skin I think this would be perfect as a facial cream and otherwise you could use it as a body cream.

The price of a jar of Steamcream is £12.95 for 75 g.
I have put a link down below if you want to try it out yourself!

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