Thursday, October 4, 2012

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation Review

When this foundation came out I wasn't really curious. Most of the time drugstore brand do not have the right color for me. They are always to dark.
So when I went to a drugstore with a friend to find the right foundation for her I saw this one. I was really surprised because most of the time they do not really have light colors. So I just bought it to try it out.

This foundation is a 3 in 1 solution. It is a primer, concealer and foundation in 1 which is nice because when you are really in a hurry you don't have to use 3 separate products.
It says that it gives you an all day flawless skin. I also really liked the fact that it is supposed to give good coverage because of the concealer.

This is the foundation:

My thoughts

To be honest I do not like this at all. The first thing is that the color is not right for me, but I am used to that, so maybe it will work for other people.
The second thing is that when I applied it it didn't looked good. I applied it with my foundation brush and you could just see stripes and what ever I did you could still see them. It also looked very cakey on me.
I asked my mom what she thought of my new foundation and in the beginning she liked it but later at the day she said that you could see a line at my neck from the foundation and my normal skin tone and that it just didn't looked natural. Then my stepfather came in and said that I shouldn't put so much make-up on my face. After that I immediately took my make-up off an applied my usual foundation.

I do think the idea of a 3 in 1 foundation is really good, only this just did not work for me.

Have you tried this out already?

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