Monday, October 8, 2012

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Review

I heard so much about Hope in a Jar, I have read a lot of reviews and everybody was really positive about this cream, so I thought that this would be the solution for my skin.

I have a really difficult skin. It is really sensitive (when I try new products there is always a risk I get an allergic reaction and believe me that does not look good). I also have a combination skin so a really oily T-Zone which is really annoying and I am acne - prone which means some products, foods or when I am stressed or something like that give me break-outs. And those break outs leave scarring behind which sucks..
So I have red, sensitive skin with scars that gets break outs very often.

When I find a new product I always believe that this is the ONE that gives me beautiful skin. (Most of the time it is not)
So of course I thought that Hope in a Jar was the one.

The Cream

The cream has some kind of watery feeling when you put it on your skin, so a little goes a long way. The smell however is not that attractive. The cream has a really chemical smell. The first time I put it on my face I could smell it all day. After a week I did not notice the smell anymore. You get used to it and maybe start loving it, but in the beginning it is not that nice.

My experience

The first time I put the cream on my face I went to a musical, but because me and my dad were there to early we walked on the boulevard which was next to the beach. There was also a lot of wind that day, so that is maybe the reason why my face did not look good at the end of the day. A lot of my foundation was gone and there was a lot of oil on my face you could just see that my skin wasn't liking my new cream.
I did not had an allergic reaction to it so I continued using it because I paid like €40 for it so I did not wanted to stop after just one day. My skin started to look better with my new cream and was getting used to it only after a while I noticed that I needed to put more cream on my face to get a moisturized feeling. Otherwise my skin would look really dry and oily.
So I was half way threw the jar and I came to the conclusion that it just didn't work for me.
I do think that it is a good cream because in the beginning I definitely saw a change in my skin which was good, so I would recommend it to people even in the end it did not work for me.

Now I use Kiehl's oil free lotion which is good but I am always curious for new moisturizers, do you have any recommendations?

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