Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Spring Essential: My Quay & ASOS Sunglasses

As the sun is starting to shine more often I was in desperate need of a good pair of sunglasses. I already have a gold/brown pair from Quay Australia, which I picked up in London last year, but I really wanted to have another pair.

The pair I was eyeing up the most are the Quay 'My Girl' sunglasses. The blue, mirrored glasses and the cat eye shape make it perfect for the summer. Since I already spent way too much money on summer clothes I decided not to make the purchase, but I did find a pair from Quay in the ASOS sale section that were right up my street and so affordable too.

This model is called 'Girly Talk' and they were discounted from €42,40 to €16,90. I love the cat eye shape and the purple glasses. I also like that they are cool toned and don't have any gold in them. It really makes them different from any other pair I own. These are definitely more a statement piece compared to the other pair. The coloured, mirrored glasses definitely have to take the blame for that!

While looking on ASOS for sunglasses, I also spotted a pair of sunnies from their own brand. These black cat eye sunglasses are such a classic and so stylish. They were only €14,08 - such a bargain - and I love them. My eyelashes do have the tendency to rub against the glasses. A bit annoying, but when I don't curl them and coat them in mascara it doesn’t happen. And honestly I can live with that because look how pretty they are? *heart eyes emoji*

What is your favourite pair of sunglasses?


  1. I ADORE the Quay sunnies but when I tried them on in topshop they were far too big for my face! Back to the drawing board, maybe I'd have more luck with the Asos ones X

    1. Haha! I always think it's so difficult with sunglasses. You never know if they suit your face, especially when you order them online. I do recommend looking on ASOS though. They have so many sunglasses there! X

  2. I'm very partial to the cat-eye shape when it comes to sunnies! Those from asos look really glam.

    Jo |

    1. Me too! I could never find the perfect pair until I saw these on ASOS! Thanks for stopping by! :) X

  3. Love those ones with purple lenses! I need some new sunnies for summer!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  4. quay has the best sunglasses, i have one pair but i definitely need more!

    danielle | avec danielle


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