Tuesday, June 2, 2015

OPI Alpine Snow

The hype for white nail polish; I wasn’t the biggest fan, but I have to admit it has really grown on me. It even made me purchase this beautiful nail polish: OPI Alpine Snow.
Now I normally go for cheap nail polishes. Some are actually really good that I don't see the reason why to splurge on an expensive one, although I do love Essie a lot. 
I have only used OPI once in my life. It was about six years ago and I actually stole that nude nail polish from my sister. I used it all the time and I sort of 'forgot' to give it back. not really though

Since I really like white nails there is not much that makes me dislike this nail polish. It covers the nail within two coats and transforms the nails into a 'white as snow' look. It stays on for about 3-4 days and removing it is so quick and easy. My last nail polish was such a pain to remove, so I am very pleased with this.
I have to say that I have been wearing this nail polish pretty much 24/7. I love a minimalistic look, so white nails totally go with that!

What are your thoughts on white nail polish?


  1. Ouuu great review!! Gotta check it out! :)


    Xoxo Jessy

  2. i love the olor of this nail polish! such a must have :)

    Love Peace and Shimmer

  3. I really like white nails, I'm not usually one for pastels but I'm loving this trend

    Lucy x

    1. I was very into pastels, but not so much any more. I love white nails though! X

  4. Oooh this is really lovely - gorgeous polish! :)

    Layla xx


  5. I love your white polish.Pretty on the nails

  6. I absolutely love white nail polish but I hate it when it takes 3/4 coats to cover, so this sounds fab. Looks lovely on you too :)


  7. I really need to start growing my nails again, (hate bad habits) haha. This looks like such a lovely polish! x http://coffeeatmidnight13.blogspot.co.uk/

  8. Fun post! The white looks incredible!



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