Saturday, May 30, 2015

REN Hot Cloth Cleanser

As many of you know I am quite picky on skincare. I've had my experiences with allergic reactions and all that jazz and let's say it's not the best. So when I try out a new product it can go either way: I love it or I hate and this one luckily falls into the love category.

The REN Hot Cloth Cleanser (150 ml, €23,00) was an airport purchase on my flight from London Heathrow to Amsterdam Airport. I needed a new cleanser and I had never tried anything from REN before. I had heard many good things about their Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, but as I already spent way too much money, on many shoes and make-up items in my favourite city, I decided to buy something that I actually needed. But believe me, someday I will get my hands on that mask, because who doesn't want radiant and glowy skin? I do, I do!!
While paying, the lady at the counter went nuts about this cleanser. She used it too and was in love with it, so I had high hopes to see what it would do for me.

Back home I tried it out and I was quite surprised by the product itself. Before this I used the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser, which is just like a regular cleanser. You massage it into your skin for a minute or so, wash it off and you are left with clean, make-up free skin. 
This one however takes a bit more time. I take about 2-3 pumps in my hand and massage it into my skin. This actually takes quite some time and the white cream sort of transforms into an oil. It doesn't look like an oil, but it feels like it. 
This part is actually the only thing I don't like about the product. When it's the end of the day I want things to be quick and easy. I want to put my comfy pyjamas on and watch my favourite TV-show in bed. I don't want to spend five minutes on massaging a cleanser into my skin. However after rinsing the cleanser off with the cloth and some warm water, I am left with soft, clean skin that makes me forget about those three extra minutes I just spend on my skincare ritual. What are three minutes anyway?
You do want to use warm/hot water to rinse it off. One time I used cold water, because I was on a ''sort of camping trip'' with uni and the warm water didn't work. I had to use cold water and it was such a pain to get the cleanser and make-up off my face.
I used this cleanser for about 3,5 months before it was empty, (I had almost finished it when I took this picture, let's just say I had some photo difficulties haha) which I think is normal for a cleanser. 

I do really like the product itself. The REN Hoth Cloth Cleanser left me with soft, clean skin and I do really feel like the 'oily' cream did good things to my skin. Although I do really like it, I will probably not repurchase it. The massaging part just takes too much time and I am currently back to my old fave (the F.A.B. cleanser). 
I am very interested in other products from REN though. I've seen that they have many more cleansers and I can't wait to try those out!

What is your favourite cleanser?


  1. This sounds like a cleanser I would love! May just have to pick it up x


  2. I've had a facial before where they used REN products, and I also have some travel size shampoo and body wash by them, but I haven't used a cleanser. I have used a similar one by Liz Earle where you use hot water and a cloth to remove it, like you though I just like things to be quick and simple so I'm currently using a facial wash by day and a dermaquest one by night :)

    Lucy x

    1. I have heard of the Liz Earle one too! I really want to try it! X

  3. Oh I am so desperate to try more Ren skincare, such a gorgeous brand aren't they. I do like to massage my skincare in so this sounds perfect for me. Fab review lovely :)


    1. Thank you Elle! Yes I would love to try more from REN too! :) X

  4. Well everyone seems to be loving this aha, I use Nivea and my skin has got so much better since using it! I think people underestimate how important it is to cleanse your skin!

    Meme xx

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  5. I've never heard of this before but it sounds lovely. I'm so lazy at night time so I need skincare to be really quick haha. I don't know if I could wait that long!

    1. I know right? It needs to be super quick haha! X

  6. A lot of products can be hit and miss - I do like the sound of it but then again I do find it weird that this doesn't work well with cold water which isn't great if you're travelling! I think this will probably be a product to look at during the winter months as the 'oily' feeling will probably be great for the cold weather to add extra nourishment to the skin!


    Layla xx

    1. Totally! I do think this product will be great in the winter time! X

  7. this product sounds great! i gotta check it out :)

    Love Peace and Shimmer

  8. I really want to try more from REN! I picked up a couple of face masks but their ingredients are apparently super-clean xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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