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Skincare | Neoderma Treatment

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Six months ago I was fed up with my skin. For the past four years I wished it would get better. I went to the doctor and she advised me to go to a skin therapist. Two days later I had my first appointment with a beautician. I started a Neoderma treatment, which means you get three treatments in ten days. After this treatment I have a monthly appointment where I will get an AHA treatment. My skin still has its ups and downs, but it looks so much better!
Today I want to talk about my experience with Neoderma: What is it? How does it work? Does it hurt? And what are the results?

Neoderma is a combination of the Greek words Neo and Derma which means 'new skin'. The origin of Neoderma lies in Cyprus, where the products, which are based on natural ingredients, are made. These days, they still develop and fabricate there products on this sunny island. Neoderma has ten treatments who improve the skin in a specific way. This can be: reducing acne, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. Besides the treatments they have a lot of skincare products to help the peeling and create lasting results.

I went for the Bio-Peeling. This is a Chinese herbal peeling. It is based on a combination of algae, pure natural ingredients and essential oils. This treatment is not aggressive, so you will not experience any peeled skin, red skin or pain. 
This peeling stimulates cell renewal, the production of collagen and elastin. It is suitable for all skin types, for men and women and for face and body.

Source: Neoderma
 My experience
The beautician cleansed my skin, treated my blemishes and then used the Chinese herbal peeling on my skin. It is a green, warm scrub. She applied the warm substance on my face and then made circular motions on my skin. It felt like a rough scrub. She then washed it off, applied a mask and to finish it off she applied some Neoderma skincare products, including a SPF. Because you peeled your skin it is more sensitive for UV radiation. After this treatment my skin was very, very sensitive. I carefully placed a finger on my jaw and it felt like I was touching my face with sandpaper. This feeling stayed for one day and after that the green scrub did its job. My skin didn't look good, especially with foundation on top. This makes loose and dry skin look more noticeable. My skin slowly started to peel a bit.
The second treatment was the most painful one. Because of the first treatment all the bad bacteria, that are in your skin, come to the surface in the form of blemishes. Treating them was, and is still, not my favourite thing. It hurts so bad! Because my skin was very sensitive I felt every green, scrub particle on my skin. But I knew that in the end it would get better.
When the third treatment arrived everything started to get better. My skin wasn't as sensitive, my skin became less red, I had less blemishes. Just all over perfect!

After this treatment in December I had a monthly AHA appointment. She treated my blemishes (ouch!!) and used an AHA, alpha hydroxy acid. It removes all the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. This way it stimulates your skin to make new, skin cells. It really tingled on my skin. The scent of it was also not very pleasant. I still get this treatment every month.

Since January I have seen a huge difference when it comes to my skin. I have less redness, my scarring is starting to fade and I get less blemishes. I am not cured, but my skin has never been this good since I was fifteen years old! I am trying to eat healthy, because I know that will improve it as well. I am happy I made this decision six months ago. I feel more confident about my skin and I sometimes just wear concealer and powder as a base. I would normally never go anywhere without my MAC Full Coverage foundation! 

My skin is very sensitive, so I did get slightly red and my skin did start to peel a bit. But to be honest:  it was all worth it. I would do it again if I had to.
I am taking baby steps and I cannot wait to see my skin in a year! The products helped a lot. Next Monday I will give a review on some skincare products from Neoderma.

Have you tried Neoderma before?

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