Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Life | One Direction Where We Are Concert Amsterdam

Two days ago was thé day for me and my friends. We went to the One Direction Where We Are Concert in the Amsterdam Arena. Now I am not your typical 1D fan. In The Netherlands One Direction is sort of a band for 14 year old girls, who scream, draw their names all over there face and go crazyyy when they see them. Me on the other hand.. I am the opposite of all that 'fans going wild' stuff. I just like their music and do think they are very cute, but I leave my obsession there. No posters, no stalking and NO fights with other fans on Twitter. Anyways since I am 20 (huge gasp) it’s maybe a bit weird to see a boyband that has a young audience, but we (me and my three other friends) don't give a damn and are still going to the concert with all the 12-year olds. Yep, we are that cool, lol.

The day itself was a bit crazy for me. I was in a rush to get there, because I had my internship and a resit that I had to take that started at 16:10-17:50. The concert started on 18:00, so you see my problem? I wasn't happy when I found out about that. I made the exam as quickly as possible and rushed to the arena that is 15 minutes away when you take the tube. I did not want to miss 5SOS, so there I went, in my pineapple skirt and buckled sandals. Only I would pick an outfit like that, when I know I am in a hurry. The test went oké, at least I hope haha. Otherwise: good luck next year with taking it again Mar, as I am thinking in my head :P. 

Lucky for me the concert started later, so I hurried up for nothing. I met my friends at the nearest McDonalds which was sooo busy. They already ate so I just ate four, healthy, date bars and hoped it would be enough. I also had hopes to buy some cheeky food, a sandwich or fries hmmmm, at the train station when we were going home. Unfortunately due to craziness to get on the platform and in the train I didn't make a pit stop to get some yummy food. 

The fun thing was that everyone was in orange. Oké not everyone, but al lot of people were. Orange is our national colour. At football, and now with the World Cup going on, we go crazy with orange hats, paint etc. The boys love football, so they asked everyone to come in orange last year at their concert. Same goes for this year! I was wearing a bold, orange lip, so I was kind of orange.

I loved all the songs they played before the show! I am hooked on Olly Murs now! I can't get 'Dance With Me Tonight' out of my head! When 5 Seconds Of Summer came up I was really excited. To be honest I only knew 'She Looks So Perfect' which is one of my favourite songs at the moment! So there was not a lot of singing involved except the moments they sang 'Teenage Dream' and 'She Looks So Perfect'. I really liked there performance and should maybe download there new album? :). 
At 8:45-9:00 it was finally time! The people, mainly girls, went crazy. I think I never heard such loud yelling in my entire life. The boys came up and it was just unreal. I really liked there performance even though, due to our seats, we could not see and hear everything loud and clear. I mainly followed the concert on the big screens. Besides that it was an amazing concert and such an amazing experience! The boys where lovely and performed really well. I took some pictures with my phone, not the best quality though... I will keep the videos for myself, since there is some really bad and loud singing involved. I recorded one of my favourite songs 'Little Things', but now I can't enjoy it because you hear me screaming the lyrics and my voice goes all weird. 
I also thought I would be deaf and lose my voice for two days. Luckily that didn’t happen even though today my voice started to get weird. Lots of green tea with honey will solve that problem!

Anyways, I loved the performance and would go again if I could. I actually would have wanted to go to the second show in Amsterdam, but I didn't :(. Till next time boys, but then maybe a bit closer to the stage! :)

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