Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Life | Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Concert 2014

Last Friday me and a friend went to the Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience concert in Arnhem.  If you’ve read my Beyoncé Concert post from almost a month ago you will think huh another concert?! They just all seem to take place in the same period of time haha.
I was really excited, mainly because we had really good tickets. We were standing at the front separated from the rest of the crowd. I could almost touch him!!

Justin started on time, which hardly ever happens nowadays. This was already a plus for me. He sang a lot of old hits and also new numbers from his 20/20 experience albums. My Love, Senorita, Mirrors, Tunnel Vision and my personal favourite: Let The Groove Get In. He all sang them.
I already liked Justin before I went to his concert but after his performance... OMG I just love him so so much. His dance moves are to die for and he sang really good live. There was a small break in between the show, but that didn't spoil the fun. I have never been so close to the stage before so it was amazing! It was a really long show as well. It started at 20.30 and ended at 22.45. The tickets were really expensive, but it was all worth it. It was a good show, very entertaining and Justin was just amazing! It is all a bit of a ramble this post haha.

The photos will give you an impression of the night ;).

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