Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Beauty Trend | Orange Lips

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Every season has its own trends. Some are amazing and others are just horrifying. I have to say I am a trend following girl. What I like the most is putting my own twist on things. Here in Holland we are really behind in trends. I was wearing Disco pants two years ago and just recently you see that people buy them as well. Same goes for maxi skirts, crop tops, dolly shoes and skate shoes.

Anyways, when it comes to beauty I do not really follow trends. I normally just wear the same look every day. I’d rather stay in bed, than spent ten extra minutes on my make-up. I need my sleep oke :p. There is just this one trend that caught my eye. At first I didn’t think I was going to fall for it, but it caught me.

Left to right: Etos Lipbalm, MS 051, MS 053

Of course I am talking about the orange lip. It looks bright and scary, but is so easy to create. I am still looking for the perfect orange lipstick. I am eyeing MAC Morange lipstick and Rimmel In Love With Ginger Lipstick. They just seem the perfect bright fun orange lipstick. Because even Rimmel can be too expensive sometimes (€10,99!!) I went looking for a cheaper option. Lucky as I am I came along a Miss Sporty counter. And I was even more luckier there was a 1+1 free offer going on.

I decided to pick up two: 051 Bubble Gum and 053 On Fire! They are both gorgeous orange tones lipsticks. Bubble Gum is a little bit lighter. They are not dry at all and give a nice finish to my lips. They do not last all day, but for 1,99 each they are pretty good.

Another one that I already have in my collection is a lip balm type of thing. It is a dupe for the Clinique Chubby Sticks. Every make-up brand does them these days and I am sure you can find one similar to this one. Since this one is from a Dutch drugstore.

Etos Lipbalm

MS 051 Bubble Gum

MS 053 On Fire!

As you can see the colours all look amazing. On the photo's my lips do not look that bright, but in real life they are very orange. Also excuse my baby hairs on top. I absolutely hate them. If anyone has a tip against that pleaaaase tell me :).
I am still eyeing MAC Morange though. I am hoping I will get it for my birthday, since it is on my wishlist (hint hint hehe).

Will you rock the orange lip this spring/summer?

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