Friday, February 14, 2014

Haul | Topshop and Primark Spring 2014

Even though it is really cold outside and the rain is falling down, I am so excited for spring. All I want to do is wear skirts with bare legs and sandals. Since the weather is not really working with me I have to wait. But this doesn’t mean we can’t go a little bit crazy in the shops, can we?


First I made a purchase online at I have seen these shoes for a while know. They are sort of becoming a blogger cult product and I thought they were really cute and comfy. They are the TIKA2 High Vamp Skaters in the black crocodile print. I really like them. I got them in size 39 and they fit perfectly. They were €26,00, which isn’t too bad for a pair of Topshop shoes.

Another pair I got was a sale purchase, so you can’t get these anymore. I knew they would be a love/hate thing, but I think they are fun and different. They are the MARTIE T Bar Geek Shoes in silver. I had seen these types of shoes for a while now. I originally wanted them in black, but since they were still the original price and these ones were in the sale for €13,00 I went with these ones. I contemplated a lot, but I am happy I bought them. Metallic is going to be big for spring and summer, so at least I already have my metallic shoes at the ready.
They are a size 39 and fit true to size. I love that they are different and a bit funky. I will get a lot of wear out of them this spring and summer.


Last Monday I took a trip to Primark. I knew I just had to go, because I haven’t been since December *gasps*. I managed to find some pretty nice things in there without spending too much money. My technique is: ‘Do I really need this?’ and ‘Am I going to wear it?’. Because it is so cheap you want to buy the whole store, but luckily I got to prevent that.
I bought three things. First of all, another pair of shoes. Since I don’t have enough shoes already, but these sandals are to die for. When my eyes fell on them I knew these had to be mine. You had them in white, tan and black/white. Since I am pretty pale myself I decided to go for the black/white pair. They were €13,00, which is a good price for a pair of sandals. I just love the contrast and the design of the shoe. They will be my spring/summer staple. Maybe I should get another pair just in case?

The next thing was a black beanie. I already have a purple/burgundy shade that I got in London. I find that this type of beanie suits me the best. Since black goes with anything I decided to put it in my bag. It was €3,00. So an absolute bargain if you ask me.

And the last and final item is this top. It is white textured fabric with pink kisses all over it. I already saw some Instagram pictures from Primark with items like this and I thought it was really cute. It was €8,00 and that is so cheap for a top like this. I got it a few sizes bigger than I normally wear. I find that it looks better when it is a bit oversized. I already see myself wearing this on a warm spring day with a cute skirt and my new sandals. Only the weather has to work with me right know. Please sun some out!

So that were all my new items. Is it bad that I have five items in this haul and three of them are shoes? Nevertheless I am really happy with all of them and I will wear them a lot.

Have you bought anything recently?


  1. Love the Topshop shoes! Thinking of buying them in the white color. Would you say they run true to size or not? Debating on whether I should get the 39 or the 40

    1. Hey! Yes I am a size 39 myself and they are true to size. After you have walked in them they are becoming more comfortable. I do advise to put some tape on the heel of your foot. Especially in the beginning. Otherwise you will get blisters. I hope this helped you!


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