Monday, May 14, 2018

The NYC Food Hotspot: Citizens of Chelsea

 Right in Chelsea, NYC you'll find the cafe with the most suiting name: Citizens of Chelsea. Although you are in New York it could easily be Copenhagen or Amsterdam with the cool European café vibes and it was probably one of the best cafés that I visited whilst in New York.

Citizens of Chelsea is located on a corner and because of all the windows it's a light and airy space. One side is all for to-go orders, because are you a real New Yorker if you don't have an almond cappuccino to go?
The other side is made for people who like to have a sit down brunch and there is plenty of room to sit. Also a big communal table in the middle which makes it a perfect café for solo brunch. Or grab your laptop and make it into a work - I basically only watch memes - sesh!

I sat down at the large wooden table and had a look at the amazing menu. As a sweet tooth there was only one item that I wanted and that was the Belgian waffle. Of course I ordered an almond chai latte alongside it and that makes it the perfect NY brekkie.
As you can see by the photo above the waffle looked absolutely delicious. I loved the way they decorated it and the Nutella powder on top made it even better. My chai latte was pretty good too and if I lived in New York I would be here every weekend to get my brunch game on.

If you are ever in New York or live there - lucky you if you are - I highly recommend to pop in for a delicious brunch or quick coffee to go. The staff was really friendly too and I'm just a sucker for an Aussie/Scandinavian style café. Please take me back!

What is your favourite café in The Big Apple?


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