Monday, October 2, 2017

The Amsterdam Food Hotspot: Lavinia Good Food

All I think about is discovering new cafés in foreign cities. When I go on holiday I always track down Instagram to see what is hot and what is not. With all this going on I kind of forget that Amsterdam, the city that is right around the corner, also has many exciting food spots. Including my newest discovery: Lavinia Good Food.

Now this café has been on my list for ages. I have the tendency to go to the same places, check my top 5 brunch spots in Amsterdam for that, and when I was going to meet up with one of my friends we decided that new must be better, so instead of popping into Metropolitain -my favourite brunch place- we sat down on the comfy couch at Lavinia. They have two spots in Amsterdam and I went to the café on the Kerkstraat, which is close to all the shopping streets and the flower market. 
I love the atmosphere at Lavinia. It's very chill, homey and perfect for catching up with friends or working on your uni work. It's a healthy café, so perfect for everyone's dietary requirements. 
Cactus plants and art work decorates the walls and right in the middle you find a huge table full of yummy cakes and cookies. There were a few empty tables, but the couch was empty too, and I think a couch is the most amazing spot for catching up and drinking tea. 
We both ordered a smoothie bowl and a slice of cake. I went for the banana cake and my friend picked a vegan brownie. Everything was really delicious and instagrammable. We got the food quick too, which is a bonus for me. Especially when I'm in a hangry mood I want to dig in as fast as possible. Since it is healthy and stuff some items on the menu are a bit overpriced, but that’s just the charm of eating vegan and gluten-free I guess. 

Would I recommend this place? Yes! I think it's very cute, they have a good range of healthy foods and their couch is super comfy. Want to read more about hotspots in Amsterdam? Click here!

Have you ever been to Lavinia Good Food?


  1. No I haven't been, but it's sounds goood!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Nikoleta Lj, xoxo! /

  2. I love the gorgeous picture you added of the food. However, I would have loved had you added a picture of the interior as well. As I am always checking interiors before trying a new place. Good article though.


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