Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Amsterdam Food Hotspot: Benji's

Move over Bar Botanique, because there is a new urban jungle in town. And with that I mean they have lots of plants and the prettiest interior ever, not a humid rain forest with exotic animals, because chances are you will find that at the Artis Amsterdam Zoo and not at Benji's which is the newest hotspot discovery of mine.

Benji's is located at the Wibautstraat, near The Breakfast Club and Volkshotel. It's very loved by locals and people who love that healthy brunch. I also find it's a good laptop club café. Perfect for working and studying in a different environment than your own home. There are enough places to sit down, including a huge couch with fluffy cushions. The overload on plants is amazing too and the staff is very friendly. 

I am a huge sweet tooth so when I saw they had red velvet pancakes on the menu is was like HELL YES! They have lots of savoury items too, but I only had eyes for my pancakes. The friend that I was with ordered a goat cheese and fig sandwich which looked amazing too. Now my pancakes were really tasty, the only thing that was wrong was that they were tiny. When I order 11 euro pancakes I expect something like The Breakfast Club in the UK, but this was not it. I understand that it's healthy and stuff but a bigger portion won’t hurt anyone. We also ordered banana bread to share, but I basically demolished that since I didn't get a lot. The thing my friend ordered was really good though, so I guess I just ordered the wrong item on the menu.

Benji's is an amazing place when you have a healthy appetite, are obsessed with plants and love a good Instagram photo. Just don't order the red velvet pancakes haha. 

What do you always order for brunch?


  1. Gorgeous pictures ! Totally my type of place. Lately I keep going to a place in my town and I always order their avocado bacon chicken salad (its so yummy).

    1. OMG avocado bacon chicken salad?! That sounds so good! <3 Xx

  2. Red velvet pancakes?! Omg. WHY aren't these a thing here, too? They sound amazing. Your photos are always so beautiful, Marjolein. This place looks lovely.

    Soph x |

    1. They were really tasty! Aah thank youu <3 It means a lot! :) x


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