Friday, August 4, 2017

The Floral Skirt

It might sound strange but I have the craziest logic when it comes to season appropriate clothing. When it's hot and sunny, all I can think about is cosy autumn jumpers, fluffy winter coats and Christmas. And when it's snowing, super cold and miserable outside I start dreaming about florals, bare legs and getting a tan. This year wouldn't be the same without me craving hot chocolate and spiced biscuits in July but for this floral piece I'd like to make an exception. 

When I saw it on display in Topshop I fell head over heels in love with the print and design of this skirt. I had seen skirts like this before, but there was something about the black, polka dots and florals that I couldn't resist. It's a very easy and floaty skirt. There is a zipper on the side and two ties that make the perfect bow and make it look a bit more fitted. I love pairing it with a plain white tee, oversized denim jacket and All Stars or Stan Smiths. I’ve also gotten lots of compliments on this skirt and it strangely makes my legs look tanner. I know this sounds weird but it might be the red florals complimenting my paleness or something. 

The only thing that I'm not so happy about is that because it's so floaty it's not very cute when the wind comes. I tried to make it work but all it does is flash people even more, so when there is a tropical storm outside I will safely stick to my mom jeans instead. That doesn't mean I love them less though. I know without a doubt I will love this skirt next summer too!

What is your favourite floral clothing item this summer?

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  1. You have brought us some beautiful and brilliant photos to show the place and I absolutely loved them. Would really like to visit the place and eat the amazing food.


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