Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Amsterdam Food Hotspot: Ted's

Brunch is one of my favourite things. Going to a hip café for some avo on toast or cooking up French toast at home: I LOVE IT. Now there is a café in Amsterdam that does brunch the best and that's Ted's.

I first went to Ted's a couple of months ago and OMG how happy I was when the food arrived. I ordered the French toast with banana and bacon and I happily covered it in lots of maple syrup and demolished them all.
It didn't take long before I payed them another visit and this time I ordered the Nutella drizzle banana pancakes -Doesn't this sound like the best thing?-.  And okay yes I also ordered the French toast, but I shared it with a friend okay. Don't make me feel bad about ordering the entire menu. 

Before we talk more about the food -my favourite subject ever- I will share a bit more about the ambiance and location. In Amsterdam it's located near the Bilderdijkstraat. Such a lovely neighbourhood with other hotspots like Gallery 3, Happyhappyjoyjoy, Mook Pancakes and the Food Hallen. It's a tiny cafe, but I have always managed to find a seat. And if it's too busy just hop to one of the other food places I mentioned! The staff is very friendly and considering there are only two of them it could sometimes take a while. Not the best to cure your hangry mood. The place is nicely decorated and full of Instagrammable quotes and lights. Overall, a lovely place to hang around and have a bite.

Because besides pancakes and French toast they also serve egg dishes, sandwiches, burgers and cake. Basically everything you need to complete your brunch. The fries there are amazing -so is the mayo- and the cheesecake is pretty tasty as well. I always order a fresh ginger tea when I'm there because that's what I order everywhere. The spiciness of the water with a hint of lemon is what gets me going the entire day. And the thought of those Nutella pancakes helps a lot too. Obviously!

What is your favourite brunch dish?

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