Saturday, April 1, 2017

Pørridge by Anni Kravi

The home section in Anthropology is the dreamiest place. When I visit London, I always go to their big flagship store on Regent Street and most of the time I leave with a pretty floral cup, bath salt or in this case: a book. 
When I was browsing the shop my eye fell on this book: Pørridge by Anni Kravi (£12.99). I loved the whole look of the book and I instantly was in the mood for an açai bowl when I saw the cover. I own a lot of cook books and whenever I go to a bookstore I always go to the cooking section. There is just something about looking at all the delicious recipes and thinking about recreating them. That's why I love Tanya Bakes and Powerfood by Rens Kroes so much; they get me excited to cook.

Now you might think this entire book is about porridge and it kind of is -I'm not mad about that, this girl loves porridge!- , but there are also a lot of other interesting recipes to either use as a porridge topping or eat on its own. Such as, cinnamon cashew milk, matcha banana ice cream, carrot bacon, kale pesto and gingerbread bliss balls. 
Everything in the book is healthy, plant-based and 100% tasty looking. The photography is really good and makes me all excited about creating one of those yummy porridge bowls. I always associate porridge with mornings. I guess being a sweet tooth makes eating porridge a hell of a lot easier by adding some agave syrup and lots of fruit, but savoury porridge exists too -sorry for the surprise, but I'm a total newbie to this-. Before buying this book I probably never thought about the idea of making oats with kale and carrot bacon or oats with kale, tofu and sweet potato. And now that I think about it, it sounds pretty tasty to me. 

I will definitely let you know how my savoury porridge journey goes and probably will upload some recipe posts pretty soon #hungrygirl.

What is your favourite porridge recipe?

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