Monday, March 27, 2017

The Amsterdam Food Hotspot: Sticky Fingers

When I scroll through Instagram I always have a look at where people are eating. I even screenshot it for future references and I overall enjoy seeing where people go and what food they serve there. One place kept popping up in my feed and that was Sticky Fingers. Because of the pink wall it was hard not to notice it when I looked at my feed and I instantly knew: I have to go here. 

A few weeks later it was finally time: I met up with a friend at Sticky Fingers for a big catch up. It was easy to find and the café is actually part of the Conscious Hotel. Besides being the new big thing in Amsterdam it wasn't that busy when my friend and I entered the pink space. When we had our drinks and baked goods more people entered so I guess it’s just luck. 
Sticky Fingers is an organic bakery where you can get hot drinks and yummy pastries. If you are really hungry I advise you to go somewhere else, but for a coffee to go, friendly catch up or solo laptop club sesh it's the most ideal place. It's quiet even when there are a lot of people there sipping their latte and talking which makes it a perfect place to work in. Bring your laptop and you are good to go.
Now onto the food, besides the pink wall one of the important parts. I went for tea and picked a flavour out of their tea bar. I sniffed every tea and finally picked one. It can be so hard sometimes! Because I skipped breakfast -I know bad me- I had a croissant and a banoffee pie. This all together was €10 which I think is a bit expensive. The banoffee pie was amazing though and I will totally come back for that. They have a lot of other flavours too like lemon meringue which I have to try. 

The overall vibe, as I said, is very relaxed. The wall with pink tiles behind the counter is definitely a big eye catcher and you cannot skip this place without taking a quick snap of it. Everything for a pretty insta feed, right?

What is your favourite pastry?

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