Friday, October 28, 2016

The Rhodes Travel Diary 2016

By the time I placed my suitcase back in its storage place from my trip to Brighton and London, it was already time to pack for my next holiday: Greece! Although I really like to discover new cities nothing beats sunshine and relaxing on the beach. I felt really lucky that I got to go to a sunny country twice this year and hopefully I can do this in 2017 as well. 
My friend Michelle and I are very busy with our thesis at the moment so a holiday break was a big must for us. We decided to go to Rhodes, the biggest island of Greece. We went for a week which in the end wasn't long enough and the holiday blues immediately kicked in when our plane left Rhodes International Airport.
Besides relaxing, swimming and getting a tan -vampire girl is no more whoop whoop!- we also went to the city of Rhodes, visited the Greek island Symi and did a Rhodes Island tour. See those annoying groups of tourists who are following a red umbrella? Yup that was us. I honestly do think that's the best way to discover an island when you are there for a short period of time. 

Besides resetting my iPhone and losing all my old photos -I had a black out and completely forgot my password- I had an amazing time there. I had only been to Kos for one day so it was nice to stay in Greece for a week. Santorini is definitely the island I want to visit next, because that place is such a beaut! Rhodes and Symi were also gorgeous and I think the photos kind of speak for themselves. Queue the soppy insta pics here!

Have you ever been to Greece? What is your favourite island?

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  1. I understand how busy one could get when a thesis is involved. I love the pictures. Amazing place for a vacation. So beautiful.


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