Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Amsterdam Food Hotspot:Coffee & Coconuts

Last week I started a new series where I tell you all about the best hotspots in Amsterdam. I know how hard it can be to find good places to eat when you are in a new city, so I hope I can help a little when you are visiting Amsterdam.

In an old cinema building in ‘De Pijp’, aka the coolest neighbourhood in Amsterdam ever, you will find Coffee & Coconuts: one of the most popular hotspots in town. Even though it’s a huge building – 3 floors of cosy couches and relaxing chairs – it’s always super busy and difficult to find a spot. Luckily me and a friend managed to find an empty place on a comfy sofa.

I actually didn’t eat a lot that day (it was 2PM), so why not order some food? It was very hard to choose because there was so much choice. In the end I decided to order an acai bowl, since I’ve never had one and really wanted to try it. This one was made with palm berry puree, raw buckini, blueberry, banana and dried coconut. I liked it a lot and I can’t wait to make one of these bowls at home.
Picking something to drink was also a tough decision. They have all these amazing juices and smoothies and you can even sip coconut juice from a real coconut. After contemplating for a long time I ordered the Coconut Coffee smoothie, which is a shot of espresso, banana, coconut, milk and chocolate poured over ice. Believe me: it tasted just as good as it sounds. My friend wasn’t really that hungry and chose the coconut lime bread, which is basically coconut cake with lime mascarpone on top. I had a bite and it’s soooo good.

We sat all afternoon on that comfy couch and chatted away. It’s a very relaxed and inspirational environment. Lots of people actually bring their laptops and work all day. I would do that too if I had my own company and wanted to get out of the house. Just be there early, pick a good spot to sit and work work work.

I highly recommend going to Coffee & Coconuts during the day for a coffee break or brunch. They have so many options and the vibe – can’t believe I am using that word  is really great!

What are your favourite food hotspots?


  1. LOVE the idea of your new series, can't wait to read more. Especially because I've never visited Amsterdam! The food sounds so delicious!

    Katria x

  2. i like the idea about your new series great post

  3. I don't really have any at the moment because I haven't been out a lot recently which is a shame, but I am always on the look out for great places to eat, I am going for a steak tomorrow at a place called 'The Ship' which is a new place for me and hopefully a hotspot :P

    Meme xx

    New Post:
    'Want to Detox, Why Not Try TeaTox*?'

  4. This place sounds awesome. I've only been to Amsterdam once and I feel like I really didn't see all that the city has to offer. Everywhere looks amazing!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

    1. It really is! Let me know when you come back so we could meet up! :) X


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