Saturday, October 17, 2015

A little sneak peak in the new Forever 21 Rotterdam store

On Thursday night I was invited (because of my internship) to go to the opening of the new Forever 21 store in Rotterdam. After the success of their first store in Amsterdam it was about time to open a second one and after a long train journey I finally arrived in Rotterdam.

I love Forever 21 a lot. I heard about the store plenty of times, so when I was in London, two years ago, I went a bit crazy. I like a lot of their items, so I was very happy when they finally opened a store in Amsterdam. And now they also have one in Rotterdam!

The store is located in the 'Koopgoot'. You can find lots of other shops there too. It's basically every shop you need for a successful shopping day! It's not as big as the other store, but you can still buy a lot of lovely items and you don't have to travel all the way to Amsterdam. 

I took some pics of the store to give you a sneak peak. It also opened today, so if you live near Rotterdam definitely take a look and shop till you drop!


  1. I love Forever 21! This store looks so cute and edgy. There isn't one that close to me sadly, but it's one of my favourites, I always pick up loads when I go.

    Kirstie |

  2. I get Homesense and you get Forever 21... fair trade I'd say ;) My nearest is London!! xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

  3. Brilliant post! I never thought that the Netherlands will have such amazing shopping malls where I can shop to my heart’s content. I always thought of visiting the Netherlands but couldn’t due to the pandemic. However, with covid-19 cases reducing, I feel that it is the right time to get a Netherlands Visa UK and visit this enthralling country with my lovely wife.

  4. Exciting sneak peek into the new Forever 21 store in Rotterdam! Can't wait to explore it


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