Monday, October 5, 2015

A little Feel Unique haul

Browsing websites at midnight is never a good idea. I do it plenty of times and this time it resulted in a little Feel Unique haul. 
I really love their website. They sell lots of brands and if you spent more than €15,00 you get free shipping and you know I love free shipping.

A couple of weeks ago, beauty blogger and vlogger Fleur De Force came out with a beauty line and I knew I wanted to try something from her range. This peachy nude lipgloss is called 'Seeing Stars' and it looks absolutely beautiful. There are also some lovely reds in the collection, but I know that I will grab this sooner than a bright colour. I haven't tried it yet, but it should be very pigmented, glossy and overall gorgeous.
Fleur also has collaborated with Eylure. I thought they were only available in Boots, but it turned out I was wrong. I saw them on the website and immediately popped a pair in my basket. I've never really been a fake eyelash kind of girl. I once bought a pair form Primark - not the best I know - and they made me look like Snooki form Jersey Shore. I have quite long eyelashes, so I never really feel the need to wear fake ones, but fluttery eyelashes for a night out won’t hurt anyone, right? I chose the 'Fleur Loves' eyelashes, since they are not too much and not too natural. 

Then I decided to have a look at the Zoella Beauty range and I spotted quite some new additions. I wasn't too sure about the 'All That Glimmers' powder puff. I had no idea how big it was or what it would look like. A quick Google search showed me that there weren’t any reviews of this product, so I decided to review it. It will be up on the blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Overall, I am very happy with the new additions to my beauty collection and I can't wait to try them out!

Have your tried any of the Fleur De Force beauty products?

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