Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Brunch: Banana and Cinnamon French Toast

Last Sunday I woke up with the feeling of making something special for breakfast. Since I only have time for a proper breakfast on the weekends, I instantly came up with the idea for French toast. I hadn't made it in ages and it's perfect to get that Sunday brunch feeling
When I was making them I actually came up with a vegan recipe, but since I had already cracked an egg in a bowl that wasn't really going to work, but I will put it up on the blog soon! :)

What do you need?
- Bread (I usually just see how much batter I have and then choose how many slices of bread I need)
- Two eggs
- One banana
- A small glass of milk 
- Cinnamon
- Butter or oil
- Syrup
- Some fruit to make it a bit healthier. I chose raspberries!

We are going to start with the batter. Mash the banana in a bowl with a rectangular shape (this way it's easier to soak the bread), add both eggs and mix it all together with a fork or whisk. Then it's time to add the milk and mix it for a nice, even batter.
Now take your slices of bread (I ended up using 5 slices) and soak them in the egg batter. In the meantime you can already have a hot pan at the ready with some butter or oil in it. When the bread has soaked up enough batter you scoop it out of the bowl straight in the pan. I sprinkle on some cinnamon and wait till it's time to flip. You repeat this with all the other bread slices until you have no batter left.
When they are golden brown and perfect, you stack them on top of each other, you pour some yummy syrup on the French toast and then sprinkle the fresh fruit and extra cinnamon on top. It looks amazing and it's so delicious! 

You can easily make two portions out of this, since I personally really don't eat five slices of French toast in the morning. (I had to pop out of the door and ate the rest in the evening as my dinner; I know I know, so bad, but soooo good!)

What is your favourite Sunday brunch food?


  1. This looks delicious! I love your recipe posts! I'm definitely gonna try this.

    Lucy x- Yellowicing

  2. This looks so beautiful,greatly made and appetizing

  3. This looks absolutely divine!

    Katria x


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