Friday, September 25, 2015

A Fashion Identity Crisis

I think we all go through these moments where we look at our wardrobe and are not happy with what we see. The last couple of months I have been going for the same outfits, aka black jeans, a white tee and black shoes. It's a great basic outfit, but I got a 'meeeh' feeling every time I wore it. For some people I might still look fashionable, but I don't feel like it at all.

From high school till now I have changed a lot when it comes to style. I used to be this girl that wore skater skirts, colourful tops and floral prints. Now I'm more of a minimalism, black and white kind of girl. I even go out the door in a completely black outfit, which 14-year old me hated, because ''black looks depressing''. If she could look at me right now she would be cringing and disowning me as a person, but I really like it.

I kind of miss the grunge vibe that I had going around with my fake septum ring and creepers. A pair of Dr. Martens, something I thought was so cool, but never thought I could pull it off, is on my wish list and I really want to make them work. I have an idea of what I want to buy for the fall time, but a lot of stores don't have their new pieces in yet. Or I am just blind, but I don't go shopping as often as I did because of my internship. (Which might be a good thing).

I also want to change up my beauty look. I loooove winged liner, but I never do it, because mornings, limited time and winged liner are never a good combination. Something I also want to do is wear more bold coloured lips. I have plenty of lipsticks and I basically never wear them. Such a shame, which I think should be changed very soon!

Do you have experience with, what I call, ''a fashion identity crisis'' and maybe have some tips and tricks?

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  1. I was the same in HS. I loved all the colors in the world. Now my wardrobe is 80% black & white and the rest light colors. It's just so classy.


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