Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My new Birkenstock purchase

I have been a fan of Birkenstock for years. I bought my first pair of sandals when I was 14 and I absolutely worn them to death. I actually still have them, but they are a bit old and dirty, which made me think it was time for a new pair. I was also not really in love with the model anymore. It's the one strap, Madrid model and I was actually more in love with the two straps, Arizona model that everyone is rocking nowadays. So there I went on my way to the store to pick up a pair of these summer musthaves.

When I was in the store I was hesitating a bit. When I looked at them I still got a bit of a ''old man with a grey beard who is obsessed with the environment'' kind of vibe, but I still decided to give them a go. I put these shoes on my feet like Cinderella tried on the glass slipper and they fit me like a glove. I fell in love with the look and feel of them. They are so comfy, stylish and just overall perfect. Even though we don't really have a lot of sunshine here, I know these will be my newest go-to shoe and because they are black they go with everything. Definitely one of my better purchases this summer!

What are your thoughts on Birkenstocks? Do you own a pair?


  1. I LOVE Birkenstocks, and have been a fan for years too. I still need to buy a pair!

    Katria x

  2. Birkenstocks are so comfortable!

    Lucy x- Yellowicing


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