Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Dove Hair Rescue

Now that it is getting colder outside my hair is in desperate need of a little pamper session. The freezing weather is not doing anything good for my long locks. Since my hair is very long at the moment, I need to take care of it anyway. Let’s begin with making my hair super soft, silky and smooth.
I am trying out these products from Dove for a while now. I am using the Dove Pure Care Dry Oil and the Dove Oxygen Hydration Soufflé Mask. Will this be the perfect combo to tame my hair?

‘‘Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is perfect for all hair types. It is a lightweight, non-greasy formula with African macadamia oil. It instantly helps replenish lipids, it softens and adds shine. You can use it before you wash your hair as a nourishing treatment or before styling to protect your hair and control frizz.’’
I normally have a love/hate relationship with hair oils, but this one definitely fits in the love category. It has the perfect, oily consistency and my hair soaks it up like it is in desperate need of a hair treatment. The scent is also quit nice and leaves my hair smelling very delicious. My long locks are super soft, silky and there is no frizz to be seen. This is definitely a new, discovered favourite!

‘‘Dove Oxygen Hydration Soufflé Mask is a lightweight, luxurious mask and adds a lot of moisture to the hair. You can use it weekly to add light-weight nourishment and moisture to get a beautifully, volumized finish.’’
The mask is a whipped, airy cream that melts into my locks. I just put a lot of product in my dry hair, twirl the hair into a bun and let it soak in for a pretty long time. After I have washed my hair it feels so soft and smooth. Just unbelievable how it makes my hair feel. Even though, it says you get a volumized finish, it weighs my hair down a bit. Not that I have a lot of volume normally, but it just does nothing to give me a nice, volumized hair-do. Nonetheless it makes my hair super soft and keeps the frizz away.

This is the perfect remedy to save my locks from the winter that is upon us!

Have you tried these products already?

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