Monday, January 13, 2014

Food | Yummy Breakfast: Muesli, Greek Yoghurt and Red Fruit

Since I started the year 2014 healthy, I decided to share this quick breakfast idea with you all. I have eaten it for the past week and I have to say it is so delicious.
I just love how quick and easy it is and still tastes good.

I am really starting to enjoy eating and making breakfast. So look out for more healthy and yummy recipes the upcoming weeks.
I might also have made a very yummy caramel chocolate cake, which isn't as healthy, but you know sometimes you have to live a little. But on to this healthy recipe:

Greek Yoghurt
Frozen Blueberries and Raspberries

You just put all the ingredients in a bowl and enjoy it, that’s how easy it is. Because of my new Instagram addiction I used this particular order of ingredients to make it look nice for the photo.
Right now I am mixing up this recipe: adding dried cranberries and using soy yoghurt instead of Greek yoghurt. I am trying to live diary-free because I feel my skin looks better this way. You can also use fresh berries, but frozen once are cheaper. So I just wait till my breakfast is unfrozen :-).
Talking about Frozen, have you seen that movie? I just love it! I have seen it for the third time today and it is my favourite Disney film EVER.

What do you eat every morning?

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