Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Beauty | My Favorites of 2013

In a year a lot of beauty products come out. I have tried so many, also a lot of UK products, since I went to London in the summer. These are my most loved products from 2013.

Stila in the Light Pallet
A cheeky purchase in London and OMG I love this pallet so much. Kitten is by far my favourite of them all; it is such a pretty shimmery champagne colour. You can create a lot of looks with this pallet. Total love for this one and I can't wait to use it in 2014.

MAC Pallet
I finally decided to buy a MAC pallet, and it is the best thing I ever did. The pallet itself was pretty expensive and, when you think about it, so are the eyeshadows.
I own Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe and Cranberry, they are the most beautiful colours ever, the pigmentation is great and I can't wait to buy more MAC eyeshadows in the New Year. The ones on my list are: All That Glitters, Omega and Charcoal Brown.

Max Factor False Lash Effect in Waterproof Black
I have always loved the Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara and this one is even better. It makes my eyelashes so long and curly. Also something I prefer: I don't look like a panda at the end of the day.

MAC 217 Brush and Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Two hyped up brushes and they are totally worth it. The 217 is amazing for applying eyeshadow and blending it out. And the RT brush is the BEST brush I ever used for foundation. It blends it in so smoothly. This makes applying my make-up so much easier.

Sleek Face Form Kit
This is such an easy kit to have. You have three products in one: a bronzing/contour powder, a highlighter and a blush. I use the blush and highlighter the most in the pallet. It is perfect for travelling, since you have three products in one kit. And it is cheap as well, what more do you want?

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
This product has sadly died. I completely ran out and I want more. I decided since it is such a huge loved product I would still conclude it in my favourites. It gives the best coverage ever, it is easy to apply and it doesn't make me orange. BEST CONCEALER EVER!

Neoderma Blue Blood Gel

This had been a late discovery for me. I have been doing the Neoderma treatment for almost two months now and it completely changed my skin. I have no break-outs whatsoever. My skin feels smooth and acne free. My scarring is still there, but that is just something that has to fade away. I love this gel. I feel this really helps my skin to get back to its old self.

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