Monday, December 3, 2012

My Beauty Favorites November 2012

It is already the end of another month. Which means I have discovered some new beauty favorites this month. Here are some beauty related products I fell in love with in November.


Clinique - Chubby Stick in 13 Mighty Mimosa
It was supposed to be a present for my sister, but she already had this color so I kept it myself. it is a light pink color that looks great on everybody.

Sephora- Lipstick Crush R23
You have already seen this lipstick in my Sephora Haul. I totally fell in love with this color. I think red/berry lipstick are great for autumn and winter!

Rituals - Perfection Volume Mascara

I always love trying new mascara's. Sometimes a mascara works for you and sometimes it doesn't. This one is great! It does not smudge at all. Which is a huge plus for me! 

ELF - Complexion Perfection Tone Correcting Powder
I saw this one online and was interested by the colors of the powder and how it would work on my skin. I decided to buy it and I am really happy with my purchase! It gives my face an nice matte finish. After a couple of hours my nose gets oily though. But all the powders I've tried do this and give me a greasy feeling. This one does not do that. So that is why I love this powder at the moment!

ELF - Nail polish in Plum
I always wanted a color like this, so when I saw it online I had to have it. Now that I have it I love it! The color is just great for fall and autumn.


Vital oil
This was in the Glossybox of September and I always wanted to try an oil for my hair. I absolutely love this one. It make my hair really soft and silky. I have less frizz in my hair and I have more shine. I am definitely going to try more hair oils.


Ginvera - Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel

I got this sample and I just tried it out. After I used it on my face my skin felt so soft and I had no allergic reaction. This is definitely my new exfoliating product!.

Nivea - Shower Bodymilk

For me this is the perfect solution. I am always in a hurry and putting on bodylotion just takes to much time. To have that moisturized feeling Nivea invented a bodymilk for in the shower. My skin did feel really moisturized after using it. After using it more and more my skin felt really soft. Just like when you use a bodymilk. So this is a great solution for me.

So this were my favorites this month. What were your favourites??

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