Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Perfect Zara Bag

A couple of days ago I scrolled through the photos on my phone and found a screenshot that I took in February of a Zara bag. 'Past me' would probably scream with excitement if she found out that a couple months later I finally made the decision to purchase it. I think that when you can't stop thinking about an item, you should just buy it. As long as you can afford it, why not? 

For me, finding a bag that I like is quite hard. My eyes usually fall on expensive bags that I can't afford - same situation with this bag- and I usually forget about them, but not this one. Every time I walked into Zara I had to take a look at it, but when I glanced at the price (€129,-) I was like no way! Since I got a new job and I still couldn't get my mind off it I finally picked out the best looking bag, payed for it and never looked back.

It has a Chanel Boy bag feeling and that alone makes me love it a lot. The black leather looks so gorgeous and I find that it's quite a classic bag that is perfect for every occasion. It looks so chique and lucky for me it's not as expensive as a Chanel bag. I still want one though, but my future self will probably look back at this post and laugh because she finally has one. Can we fast forward to that day please?

Which bag is on your wish list?


  1. Really love the bag! It is such a classy and stylish bag. Looks like such good quality too.

    Face to Curls |

  2. I love the structure the bag has - so chic! Pretty detailing, too.

    Kathryn • The Fashionography


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