Thursday, December 14, 2017

My Day in The Hague

Having brunch is one of my favourite things to do. Combine that with some shopping, good company and my second favourite Dutch city and it's a perfect day. All that’s missing was a bit of sunshine and no snow, but hey we can't always get what we want. 

Yesterday I finally went back to Den Haag/The Hague and it was nice to not be in Amsterdam for a change. The Hague has that same 'old city' kind of vibe but is less touristy, which I like. The old centre is absolutely gorgeous, the Dutch parliament is there too and it has a lot of royal history. The shopping is not too shabby either so when I met up with my friend at the train station we immediately went on a shopping mission. After a cute vintage store we ended up in Primark. Now when I was in London, Primark had nothing that I liked. I was kind of expecting the same thing now, but I was pleasantly surprised. I found three hats -a fluffy bobble hat, baker boy cap and beret- and scored a pair of red sale boots that I had been hunting down for months. Call that a success! 
We then sprinted through the rain to TK Maxx. Now I love TK Maxx, I always pick up stuff that I don't need but want anyways and this visit was the same. I ended up buying some cute floral birthday cards, because it's handy to have even though none of my friend’s birthdays are coming up. I guess I will thank myself in a couple months when I don't have to get out of the house, because I forgot to buy someone a b-day card. We went to a couple more stores where I didn't spend all my money -I didn't buy much more after the hats and cards- and headed out to my favourite lunch spot in the city: Pistache.

It's funny because I wrote about the café Pistache last week and now I had lunch there for the second time. I chose a different food, because they scrapped the pumpkin waffles on the menu, and I picked French toast instead -like you would expect anything less from me- and they were really good. My friend had this sandwich with truffle mayo -lots of other things too, but the truffle mayo stayed with me because it's so tasty!- and she liked it as well. After that fantastic meal we went for some tea and coffee at another café that we saw (I forgot the name though). They are on the same street and have the cutest interior and art inside. We chatted for a while and took lots of photos before we went back on our shopping mission. As I said before, I didn't buy anything else -saving up for NY you know- but looking at things is fun too. When the shopping was all done we headed back to the train station, said goodbye and boarded our trains. My train was delayed so I spent my extra time watching Gossip Girl on Netflix -I'm obsessed- and sipping on my water.

I love The Hague so much and can't wait to go back again. There are a lot of nice spots that I still want to visit and it's like an hour on the train from where I live, so not too bad. I think Rotterdam will be next on the list though, because they have this cookie dough bar that I want to revisit again -this girl loves cookie dough-. Untill next time Den Haag! 

Have you ever been to The Hague?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

10 Things That Instantly Make Me Feel Happy

Back to another soppy personal post, like the 'How to get Sh*t done' post wasn't enough. I want to mix it up a bit and not overload you with hotspots, beauty reviews and fashion, but also make it a bit more personal. Not that I don't share any personal embarrassing stories in my others posts because I do, like High School Musical, falling flat on my face and stuffing my face with everything I see kind of embarrassing, but those things are what makes me the person I am today and I am really happy to live the crazy grandma esque life that I have.

Although I'm a very bubbly person -most of the time- that's not always the case, since we all have bad days from time to time. Whenever that happens I try to get out of my funk by doing something that cheers me up right away. Sometimes it helps and sometimes I still put on sad Adele songs to go with my mood. I guess then the only remedy is taking a nap haha.

1. Baking
Nothing makes me happier than being in the kitchen and preparing some baked goods. Food in any shape or form makes me happy -I'm that Winnie the Pooh meme where he does a happy shake with a knife and fork in his hand, people tag me in it all the time, because it's what I do when I see my favourite food haha- Of course it always tastes better when you make it yourself, so that's what I love to do. 

2. Listening to old school music
I don't know what it is but whenever I put a Spice Girls or S Club 7 song on I instantly want to sing and dance along. Maybe it's the power of 90s music or my feelings towards it, but it works every, single, time.

3. Watching Disney Channel movies
Again some old school memories from when I was little and hoped that one day I would have a Troy Bolton and get Gabriella's wardrobe. Camp Rock and non-Disney movies like Harry Potter and The Holiday also do the trick.

4. Shopping
I think shopping would solve all my problems, but if I go along with that I would be as poor as Jenny Humphrey in season one of Gossip Girl. Doesn't matter what kind of shopping it is, clothes, Ikea, Christmas stuff or a food shop at the supermarket; I love it all. I'm that kind of person that loves foreign supermarkets. Whenever I'm on holiday I have to see what kind of products they have there. I could get lost browsing for hour's haha.

5. Travelling
Going to the airport to board a plane makes me the happiest girl in the world. Yes, it also makes me anxious and scared from time to time, especially when I travel alone, but I know that once I will be at my destination it will be all right. With travelling you have something to look forward to. I always get so excited to plan everything and look up all the places that I want to go to. Sometimes it's even more excited than the trip itself.

6. Going to the movies on my own
Bit weird maybe, but I love going to the movies on my own. I have been doing it a lot the last couple of months and I love seeing all the new films that are out. I actually have seen the same film six times in the cinema. It was this Dutch romantic comedy -normally they are sh*t- but this one was so good, funny and relatable. I just had to see it that many times.

7. Photography
Going out and taking photos gets me into this creative vibe that I like a lot. Being creative in general can get me in a pretty good mood. Whenever I edit videos I get so happy, because I'm working on something that makes me excited and when it turns out good I get so proud of the end result. All I'm trying to say is whack out a paint brush and live a little.

8. Dancing
I used to do ballet when I was in my teens and although I was kind of sucky and I don't do it anymore, I did like it. Same goes for learning all the Beyoncé and High School Musical dances when I was little. I think I look good whilst doing it but we all know that's not the case. A girl can dream to be as sassy as Queen B right?

9. Binge-watching Netflix
Sometimes this does the opposite for me, but I'm actually quite proud of myself when I finish a season in a day. Others might see it as a waste of time and when you think about it, it is. I do love seeing new shows on Netflix though so a cosy day/night in bed is the perfect thing for me. You just get lost in a different world that you forget your own problems for a bit.

10. Have a massive clear-out
Cleaning may seem like the task on your to-do list that you don't want to do, but after it's done you will feel so much happier. I love the look of an empty floor and the smell of fresh lemon/eucalyptus or whatever it is that I'm using to clean. 100% worth the sweat.

These are the ten things that usually put me in the happiest of moods. I know see that cuddling dogs and isn't on it, which it totally should, but 10x just looks nicer than 11x things you know. If you ever feel bad, put on your favourite song, cuddle a fluffy dog and shake it off whilst stuffing your face with fresh baked cookies. You'll feel a lot better.

What makes you instantly feel happy?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Barcelona Food Hotspot: Eyescream and Friends

I know that the current weather doesn't scream cold soft serve, but when in Barcelona it was the only thing on my mind. Now I'm normally not an ice cream fan. When it comes for dessert I'd rather have warm apple pie or cheesecake, but when you are in a Mediterranean country it has to happen to escape a bit of the heat. And when the ice cream looks as cute as these fluff balls I can't say no.

Eyescream and Friends -get it? It's ice cream with eyes, so clever!- is a small shop right near the sea in Barcelona. When we tried to find it we actually walked right past it, so definitely have you eyes open when you are on the hunt for this lovely spot. 
It's as simple as this. You pay -I think it was €4,50- and pick the kind of ice cream flavour you want, grab two toppings -including Oreos, gummy bears and chocolate sauce- and then they make your cute shaved gelato friend and add the eyes. I chose the mango flavour -one of my favourite fruits- and saw the ice cream get transformed into this thing that was too pretty to eat. I did eat it in the end though, because he -or she- started to melt in the sun. It was honestly one of the best ice creams I have ever tasted and the fact that it looked so cute as well made it taste even better.
My friend and I also had a photoshoot outside of the shop -because did we really eat it if there was no picture taken?- and people looked at what we had and walked straight into Eyescream and Friends to get their own ice cream buddy. 

The shop is actually on the same street as Brunch and Cake by the Sea, so after you have your brunch there you can immediately pop next door to get dessert. If you have space though. I was SO full after my pancakes at Brunch and Cake by the Sea that I really needed a food break. Do make sure that when you are hangry again to get a cute gelato at Eyescream and Friends. It will be on the best things you’ll ever do in Barcelona.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour?

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