Sunday, July 5, 2015

Where have I been?

For some people a week without posting a blogpost doesn't seem that long, but since I was really on a roll with posting the last couple of months I wanted to write this little post. The past eight days have been very adventurous for me, so let's start at the beginning.

My laptop sort of died. It's getting repaired at the moment, but I don't know in what condition it will be when I get it back. I don't have any access to my documents, photos and editing software, so posting on YouTube and my blog is quite difficult. I haven't posted a video on my YT channel in weeks and I really do apologize for that.
I was also very busy with finishing portfolios for uni, which abruptly stopped because my laptop died. I had to let it go and accept that it was out of my control and I couldn't hand in any portfolios.

On Monday I also started with my new internship. I am the new online intern for Fashionista magazine. It's a Dutch magazine that's all about fashion, beauty, lifestyle etc. I just finished my first week and I really enjoyed it a lot. I will be here for six months, which is quite a long time, but this is really what I hope to do in the future, so I can't wait to experience it all!

Since I don't go on holiday I did manage to squeeze in a trip to London. It was a one-day trip with the bus and my friend and I have been looking forward to it for months. We knew that we wouldn't get much sleep and traveling by bus sucks, but we knew that once we were there everything was alright, but we never thought that our trip would be as bad as it was.

I won't tell everything in detail because it's quite a long story, but if you've been following the news you know that it's quite a mess in Calais, France. We were traveling by bus from Amsterdam to Calais, went through the Eurotunnel and then traveled to London. 
We had a three hour delay in Calais, because there were some things going on with the migrants that are staying there. When we were finally in London, traffic was crazy, which caused more delay, so in the end we were five hours late. Our morning of 'going for breakfast, chilling a bit and being on time at the Oxford Street Primark' went to grabbing something to eat at Prêt A Manger, running to the Underground, getting a tube to Marble Arch and going to Primark as fast as we could. 
Then we went from shop to shop. I bought some amazing things at Primark, Boots, Topshop and many more places. We went for lunch at The Breakfast Club in Soho, which was supposed to be our breakfast spot in the morning, but oh well berry pancakes in the afternoon sounds pretty good to me. At that time we already heard some things about employees going on a strike in Calais, but we had no idea if this was true. 
After shopping some more we had a quick break. We were both tired and I was sipping on my pink lemonade in EAT while we were trying to find a Wi-Fi connection. Then we heard the worst news ever. My friend’s dad Whats Apped us saying that he called the company in Amsterdam and they said nothing is going to Calais. No train, no boat, nothing. We immediately rushed to Victoria Coach station to find out more information and a woman, who was not very helpful, said that nothing was going to Amsterdam until July 2th. We had no idea what to do and we couldn't stay in London. I HAD to be back on July 2th for my internship and my friend also just really wanted to leave.
At an Ed's Easy Diner we talked about it and we both decided that booking a plane ticket was the best option. Her dad booked two tickets from London South End to Amsterdam for us and after a really quick and rushed dinner we went back to Primark to buy a suitcase, before we went to Liverpool Street Station to take the train to South End.
After a one-hour train journey we arrived there and we were happy that we were finally able to sort of sleep, but then we heard that the airport closes from 11pm to 4am. We basically waited 3,5 hours on a bench outside the airport, made ourselves look a bit more presentable in the airport toilets, applied lots of concealer to hide the ‘‘designer’’ bags under our eyes, checked in, ate something, almost fell asleep at the airport and then we flew back to Amsterdam. I can't remember much of this flight. I woke up twice thinking 'oooh this is a good Instagram opportunity', took some photos and then fell back to sleep.
Back home, I fell asleep like an angel. I had been awake for 33 hours, so I basically slept non-stop for 18 hours. Then my alarm went off at 06:30AM saying that it was time for me to go to my internship.

It was really THE WORST TRIP EVER, but I did manage to buy some amazing things. Now that I look back on it I only remember the nice bits like: finally being in London, hearing the typical 'mind the gap' sentence in the Underground, walking on Oxford Street and eating yummy pancakes at The Breakfast Club. I just don't really feel like I was there. 3/4 of the trip was just being stressed, sleep-deprived and sweaty, because it was soooo hot that day. I do plan to go back later this year. Not for one day, but for a long weekend or something.

When I get my laptop back I will get back on track with things. I am planning on filming a London Haul and there are a few London posts on its way. Just stay tuned! :)

X Marjolein


  1. This sounds awful! I'm glad you got some nice items but imagine if you had been stuck here for nearly a month! I'm glad you got back safely.

    Lucy x- Yellowicing


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