Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dupe Alert | Wet 'n Wild Pearlescent Pink VS NARS Orgasm

Last summer I bought my first ever NARS blush: ‘Deep Throat’. I am still very happy with it and use it all the time. For my sister’s birthday I bought the oh so popular ‘Orgasm’ blush. For this post I kind of stole it to see if this blush from Wet 'n Wild is a good dupe.

NARS Blush in Orgasm - £21,50
Wet 'n Wild Blush in Pearlescent Pink - $2,99 ( a friend bought it for me in America)

When you look at them in the packaging they look sort of the same colour-wise. The winner of the packaging is definitely NARS, but we are going to look at the product inside it.

As I said colour-wise they look pretty similar. But after some swatches I see some differences. I put the pros and cons down below.

Left: WnW Blush, Right: NARS Blush


-       Orgasm has more golden shimmer and glitter all over. They blend in with the blush itself, while the Wnw blush just has some loose glitter in it and no golden shimmer at all.
-       A blush from NARS is £21,50 which is pretty overpriced.
-       The texture is really smooth and blends in beautifully with my skin.

Wet n Wild:

-       The colour is a darker pink in comparison to Orgasm.
-       The glitter in it doesn’t blend with the blush. I feel like it lies on top of my skin.
-       There is no gold sheen at all.
-       It is three dollars, for that amount of money it is a very good blush.
-       The consistency is a bit powdery.

Winner: NARS Orgasm

I love the way this blends in to my skin and gives it that healthy glow. A downside is the price which in that case the WnW blush is a pretty good dupe. On the skin you wouldn’t notice it anyway if it was an expensive blush or a cheap blush. But if I had to choose I would go for NARS, not just because it looks nice in my drawer, but the colour and consistency are just beautiful and it blends in very well.

Do you have any dupes for products?

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